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Reveola is a digital platform enable users to share and find experience related to products, services and businesses. And compare products’ features to pick the best for your needs.

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Get valuable reviews about products and services you care about.


Aiming to list and compare every single product, service and business.

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Reveola is a digital platform which helps users to find online reviews

Explore community users experience with businesses and products they love, see timings, branches, and compare other important business and product information.

Reveola puts great businesses and products right at your fingertips. Discover new services, hot spots, and places for shopping and businesses near you! While traveling or at home. Plus, connect and follow influencers and expert users in the verticals you wish to know more about.

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Share Your Experience and discover the Community reviews

Reveola aiming to list and compare every single product, service and business, to enable users to share and find experience related to the products they care about.

People wasting time to find the best fit product to pick, and they wasting money when deciding wrongly toward a product or service.. Reveola puts the perfect solution to this problem.

Probably the most altruistic motivation for leaving a review is that consumers want to help other people. In fact, 70% of consumers trust online reviews more than ads when they want information about business.

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Find business, products and services.

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Find and follow Business details including related products and services, in addition to nearest locations.


Compare products feature to pick the best for you.

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Community reviews

Explore community experiences related to specific business or product.

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Follow business and share your feedback to help business improve.

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Find and follow experts and influencers to get precise experience about your interests.

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Frequently Asked Queries


Yes, it’s free.

The integrity of the reviews on Reveola is of utmost importance. One way we can tell that each reviewer is a real, unique person is by asking you to verify your email address, but verifying your mobile phone number provides us with added confidence. Plus, if one of your reviews is ever queried, we need to be able to get in touch with you, and a mobile phone number is usually the fastest way to do this.

Reveola is a user-generated directory where people share the experiences they have with businesses—both good and bad! Every day, Reveola aiming to help thousands of people find awesome businesses, products and service. By reviewing the businesses you’ve transacted with, you can help other people get better service, help businesses be recognised for providing great service, and also provide constructive feedback to businesses you’ve had a negative experience with.

Reviews are submitted by everyday people like you. To post a review, you just need to be a customer of the business. If you’ve had a good experience, it’s a great help for that business to review them on Reveola as lots of other people will see your review. Likewise, if you’ve had a negative experience, it’s a good way to let other people know about this—and hopefully encourage the business to lift their game! It’s just like the old over-the-fence / email / coffee-break chat that you’d have with people to share your experience with businesses—but on Reveola.

Influencers: users who join Reveola with previous engagement and fan base from different social networks. Experts: users who are experts in any areas that might bee an interest for Reveola users. Active: users who do much interaction by share experience, follow ad comment..

By picking your expertise area and providing us with supporting documents through Reveola app, Then an admin with promote your profile .

No. Here at Reveola we encourage you to share a review about your experience whether it was a positive or a negative experience. With any review you must ensure that it adheres to our Fair Play Policy and most of all, it must be an accurate and detailed account of your experience. Please ensure that there is no offensive language used and no negative personal comments directly at an employee. Your review should be descriptive and informative and relate to the business itself, not any individuals.

Nope, never.
Couldn’t find the business, product or service to share my experience? You can add any business, product or service you wish to share with your community your experience with it. From “search bar”, once it’s not appear you can click on “ add new item” then fill the form and an admin will validate and publish your listing.

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